WRI swaps baking for a gladitorial battle



By Kate Smail

TWO Gladiators faced their fiercest competitors yet yesterday (THURS) – a group of ladies from the WRI.

Tornado and Enigma arrived at a tiny hall in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders to put the elderly women through their paces in an active aerobics class.

The group – aged up to 85 years old – managed squat lunges and push ups during the hour-long class.

The one-off event was organised by Sky TV to promote the digital switchover which is taking place in the Borders next week.

And the two – in particular Tornado – proved popular with the 25 ladies who attended.

Irene MacFadzen, 57, representing the WRI said: “The gladiators are so out of our league in terms of fitness that we weren’t really taking it seriously.

“We all worked harder than we thought we would and the view certainly made it worthwhile!”

And puffed out Helen Johnson, 62, said: “It was really hard work, I gave up half way through.”

Undeterred by their unusual audience, both Tornado and Enigma said the ladies were some of their fiercest competitors yet.

Enigma said: “These women were really inspiring. They ranged in age from 55 -85 and they were doing push-ups and squat lunges.

Tornado added: “These women were really up for it and prove you can stay active at any age.”

Lucille Macleod, 67, a participant said: “It was great fun but to be honest I’m too old to be impressed by a man in lycra!”