Thursday, August 11, 2022
1£15k ring stolen by “mother and daughter” duo

£15k ring stolen by “mother and daughter” duo

By Alexander Lawrie

A PENSIONER tricked an exclusive jewelers to steal a £15,000 diamond ring.The middle-eastern woman and her younger accomplice pretended to be genuine buyers asking to see a range of valuable pieces in the Lime Blue Diamond Store in Edinburgh.

But when the assistant turned her back to package the goods they had chosen, they pocketed the valuable gem and calmly walked off.

The Real Hustle-type scam on Thursday has been described as “brazen high-value theft” by baffled cops.

Both suspects entered the George Street store around 12.45pm on Thursday afternoon and asked to see a range of valuable rings, brooches and necklaces from the window display.

After 20 minutes of browsing and speaking to each other in Arabic, the cheeky pair told the assistant they would like to buy one of the pieces from the display.

But as the naïve assistant turned her back and took the goods to the counter for wrapping, the thieves simply lifted the expensive diamond ring before calmly walking out of the shop.

Staff, who told police the couple acted as if they were mother and daughter, immediately became suspicious and checked their stock only to found a ring worth £14, 995 was missing.

The first suspect is described as having dark tanned skin, aged between 60 and 70-years-old, 5ft tall, medium to large build, with wrinkled skin, and frizzy black hair that was tied back.

She had very white teeth and was wearing a black top and black padded jacket, and was carrying a black handbag.

The second woman is also described as having dark tanned skin, early 30s, 5ft 9ins tall, slim build, with black hair. She was well groomed and wore a lot of make-up, and was wearing a black or brown short fur coat and black trousers. She was also carrying a brown leather bag.

A police source has admitted the swindle could have been influenced by the popular TV show The Real Hustle, where professional tricksters show the public how to carry out audacious rip-offs.

A police spokesman said: “This was a brazen high-value theft carried out by two women who are believed to have visited a number of shops in George Street yesterday afternoon.

“We are appealing for any members of the public who may have noticed the suspects in George Street, either before or after the theft took place, to contact us immediately.

“Similarly, anyone with any other information that can help us identify the two women should also get in touch.”

Embarrassed bosses at Lime Blue have refused to comment on the incident.

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