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1Scots Rockers In Police Gun Drama

Scots Rockers In Police Gun Drama


By Alexander Lawrie

SCOTS rockers Glasvegas were at the centre of a police drama when ten armed officers stormed onto their tour bus during a security scare.

The four-piece were completing their European tour and were traveling through Germany when their bus was stopped and armed forces charged on board.

The terrified band members were then searched by the gun-toting cops until it emerged the raid had been a false alarm.

And guitarist Rab Allan was almost given special treatment from Germany’s finest when he inadvertently asked an officer if it was alright to rescue his bath BOMBS before disembarking the bus.

Strict security measures had been put in place after a visit to Munich of German president Horst Kohler and Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili.

The band were then forced to remain on their bus while the leaders conducted their business and then left the area.

Glasvegas had just entered Munich around lunchtime on Friday when a troupe of gun-wielding policemen boarded their bus.

The band was in the German town ahead of their scheduled appearance at the Atomic Café venue.

The two presidents were also in the area holding talks at the nearby Mariandl Oriental hotel.

Bass player Paul Donoghue said: “The police came on and dragged us out of bed to search the bunks.

“Rab almost got the rubber glove special because he asked for his bath bombs.

“I think they misheard him as they tightened they’re trigger fingers a little. I sh*t myself.”

Rab Allan said: “Munich started with someone waving a gun in my face after we blocked the German Vice-Chancellor in.

“Her security thought we were trying to kidnap her.

“Contrary to what Paul Donaghue says I was not worried about my bathbombs, cheeky runt.

“I went for a walk after soundcheck and found an amazing big cathedral, one of the biggest I’ve ever seen. It was incredible. All I remember from the show was spitting beer on Caroline when we were playing Daddy’s Gone and she threw a bottle of beer at me.”

The Glaswegian band have just completed a sold-out tour of Europe where they played gigs in Holland, Denmark, France and Germany.

They are releasing a new six track long player entitled A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss) which comes out on December 1.

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