Rod Stewart’s Son Battles Drug Addiction


By Alexander Lawrie

ROD Stewart’s wild child son Sean has admitted he literally beat himself up – just so he could get easy access to drugs.

The reforming hellraiser was so desperate to get high he went to extreme lengths to feed his addiction to painkillers.

Stewart is now attempting to clean up his act by appearing on the US reality television show Celebrity Rehab.

The 28 year-old actor also recently dished the dirt on the party lifestyle in Hollywood to an American magazine by claiming he has seen some crazy sights while high on drugs.

His addiction took complete hold of his life, but Stewart says he has now been clean for the past nine months.

His revelations about how bad his drug cravings were stunned his fellow contestants on the hit TV show.

He confessed: “This is really embarrassing, but I beat myself up to go to the hospital so I could get Vicodin.

“I just started punching myself and hitting my face against the wall.

 “Once, I walked into a club and people threw their cocaine in the air.

“Another time, I was at a huge house party in the (Beverley) Hills and a very famous sports star was standing in the corner smoking crack. I was completely surprised.

“A lot of people use drugs because they’re under pressure. If you come from money, you don’t know who to trust or who is using you. It can be hard.”

 Stewart is also facing legal action from his personal trainer over accusations he failed to pay his bill.

Xavier Dezlie claims he trained the rocker’s son, but hasn’t been paid for four months of exercise tuition.

Dezlie is appealing for $3,857 (£2,571) in lost earnings in the suit filed in America’s Small Claims court.

The case comes just days after the rocker’s son settled another lawsuit out of court after being accused of breaking a man’s nose in a nightclub bust-up.

Daniel Refoua filed the suit after claiming his nose was broken when Stewart, along with a group of men, allegedly attacked him outside Hollywood’s LAX nightclub in 2006.

Stewart’s rock legend father was also dragged into the case after Refoua filed papers citing the elder Stewart as a defendant.

But the case was dismissed by a Los Angeles court last Tuesday (18/11/08) after the two parties settled out of court.