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1Vicky Hamilton’s family remember thier sister “as she lived”

Vicky Hamilton’s family remember thier sister “as she lived”

By Karrie Gillett

The family of murdered schoolgirl Vicky Hamilton insisted they would remember their “warm, clever, generous” sister as she lived and not as she died.

Vicky’s sister Lindsay Brown said outside the High Court in Dundee after Peter Tobin was found guilty of the killing: “Justice has prevailed today.

“We are glad this 17-year nightmare has finally come to and end,  there were many times when we thought this day wouldn’t come.


“We are hoping we can now move on as a family and start to remember Vicky as the loving sister she was before she was so tragically and cruelly taken from us.”

Lindsay, 24, was accompanied by her twin brother Lee and older sister Sharon as she gave an emotional tribute to her sister Vicky who died aged just 15.

She said: “Vicky was much more than a girl who was abducted and killed by a stranger, or the girl on a missing poster. Our sister was a warm, clever, generous girl who shared many happy years with us.

“We will always remember Vicky as she lived, not as she died.”

Serial sex killer Peter Tobin will spend the rest of his life behind bars after being sentenced to 30 years for Vicky’s murder.

Tobin is already serving a life sentence for raping and murdering Polish student Angelika Kluk and hiding her body in a church in Glasgow in 2006.

Vicky`s father Michael also spoke after hearing the guilty verdict.

He said: “I want to thank all concerned for bringing my daughter Vicky’s murderer to justice.

“And I would also like to thank Solicitor General, Mr Frank Mulholland and his team for all the hard work involved.

“Furthermore, I want to thank Lothian and Borders Police and CID for their hard work in finding my daughter, Vicky.

“I also want to thank everyone in Margate, Kent and Edinburgh for providing evidence. Also, family and friends who have been there from day one, including Gary and Sandra from Spain and everyone who gave evidence and their patience.

“And finally, Lord Emslie for the use of his court, and the jury for their verdict.”

After the verdict, Scott Pattison from the Crown Office branded Tobin “a man of no recognisable humanity.”

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