Gay men don’t fancy Gordon Brown


By Cara Sulieman

GORDON Brown has done badly in the polls again – this time being voted as one of the world leaders least fancied by gay men.

A poll conducted by reveals that although four per cent of gay men are attracted to his “Scottish prudence,” Brown is still lagging behind the overall winner.

Despite Brown's smiling face he still failed to gain the gay vote
Despite Brown's smiling face he still failed to gain the gay vote

It may be some consolation to the Prime Minister that he attracts more admirers than the Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi who mustered up a meagre 3 per cent.

Both are miles behind the overall winner Barack Obama who now has another victory under his belt after gaining a landslide 52 per cent of the vote.

Adrian Gillan, a spokesman for gay-PARSHIP, thinks that Brown hasn’t done too badly.

He said: “I still think Brown did pretty well to come second from the bottom. It always seems to be the ones that don’t try too hard that do well. Obama has a certain suave self-assurance and the Franco-Hispanic charm pours out of the French and Spanish PMs without effort.

“In stark contract Putin and Berlusconi are always trying – arranging photo calls, trying to be funny. It’s too much.”

Female world leaders weren’t left out either, with Irish President Mary McAleese topping the poll with a quarter of the lesbian vote.

Adrian Gillan added: “Whatever their outward stance on gay issues, world leaders – at least those in democracies that neither outlaw nor scapegoat homosexuals – would doubtless secretly love to maximise their own little share of support from Earth’s ballpark-estimated 600 million gay citizens.