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1Yob stabbed ex who turned up at his home

Yob stabbed ex who turned up at his home

By Paul ThorntonA CALLOUS cad who stabbed an ex because she turned up at his home the day after he dumped her has been jailed.

Stuart Nicol, 31, told Jeneane Varty that he had only used her for sex and no longer wanted to see her after a fling in September this year.

But when the 30-year-old woman went to his Edinburgh home the next day to pick up some photographs, Nicol stabbed her in twice.

Miss Varty staggered home before an ambulance raced her to hospital where she was treated for wounds to her chest and head.

Nicol later told police that Miss Varty “deserved it” because she would not leave him alone.

At Edinburgh Sheriff Court the cold-hearted thug was jailed for two years after he admitted assaulting Miss Varty with a knife.

Fiscal depute Aidan Higgins told the court how the two lovers had been introduced to each other in the last week of September this year by a mutual friend.

They then spent most of that week at his Lauriston Place flat in Edinburgh.

But the night before the attack, which happened on October 4, Nicol dumped Varty, humiliating her in front of a friend.

Mr Higgins said: “The accused told her in front of another male that he did not want to continue the relationship and that he had only used her for sex.

“On being told this Miss Varty was greatly upset and left to return to where she was staying.”

The next day Miss Varty returned to Nicol’s home where she asked him to return some photographs she had left there.

Nicol claimed he knew nothing of the photographs and told her.

Mr Higgins said: “The accused made to close the door of the flat but Miss Varty put her foot in the opening to prevent him from doing this.

“The accused then told Miss Varty that he was going to stab her.”

Following their whirlwind week Miss Varty claimed she believed he was either joking or simply trying to scare her until Nicol produced the knife and struck out at her twice.

Miss Varty fled from the scene and returned home where a member of staff at the hostel where she was staying called the police while she was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

There she was treated for a 1cm stab wound to her chest and a small cut on her head but made a full recovery.

Officers interviewed Nicol who told them Miss Varty was loopy.

He said: “She deserved it, she is just f****** loopy. I don’t care what happens. She would not leave me f****** alone.”

Nicol’s solicitor, David Storrie, said Miss Varty, who is a registered alcoholic, had punched his client after the break-up and that he had told her to leave his home politely before stabbing her.

Mr Storrie said the incident had been a “momentary lapse of control” by Nicol who, he said, had shown respect and thoughtfulness during a battle against drink.

But Sheriff Kathrine Mackie said: “From your replies to the police it would seem to me that you have been anything but thoughtful to the complainer and have shown her no respect whatsoever.

“Your reply suggests to me that you have absolutely no remorse for what you have done.”

Sheriff Mackie said the fact he had brought the blade from his kitchen before answering the door showed he had acted in pre-meditation and that he was lucky his victim’s injuries were not worse.

She sentenced him to two years in prison, which she had reduced from three years because he pleaded guilty.

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