Glasvegas Love It Inside



By Alexander Lawrie

 GLASVEGAS are getting themselves into the Christmas spirit – by playing an exclusive gig to some of Scotland’s youngest criminals.

The Glaswegian four-piece have revealed they are to play a special one-off show at Polmont Young Offender’s Institute this Thursday.

And bass player Rab Allan is hoping the gig goes better than the last time they played to a room full of cons – after the inmates started throwing pool balls at the stage.

He said: “We’ve played prisons before but it was just me and James who were allowed in then, just in case we were taking drugs in or try and kidnap anyone. But it will be great to be back in front of that kind of audience.

“We’ve got some friends in prison, and it’s quite easy sometimes just to do the wrong thing. Anybody could end up there by accident.

“Two years ago we played a women’s prison, a young offender’s and two main prisons and it was a bizarre experience.

 “One of the prisons we played they started throwing pool balls at the stage – but apparently that meant they liked us.

“The guards just stood laughing when they started throwing them, although, at the time, we also thought it was quite funny.

“But, it’s just something we wanted to do because we thought it would be interesting. It’s been a great experience.”

The 6ft 4” guitarist also revealed the band’s record company has forced them to postpone the recording of their second album.

The band wanted to start recording in the summer but those sessions have now been put back until January 2010.

But Allan isn’t worried about the group facing up to the infamous second album syndrome.

He said: “I’ve heard some of the songs off the second album and there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

“We were practicing at the Barrowlands the other day and James played two new songs and I was totally blown away.

“James writes everyday as he’s built a small studio in the back of the tour bus, and he’s constantly demoing new songs.”