Sexy Scots get set for steamy 2009


By Cara Sulieman
SCOTS have traditionally chosen food over sex, but are now ready to spend more time in the bedroom than the kitchen.

A whopping 71 per cent of Aberdonians have vowed to have more sex this year, with a similar number of Edinburghers and Glaswegians agreeing.

The poll by LighterLife looked into the nocturnal habits of the nation, and although they discovered that Scots were top of the UK league, they were still low in confidence and ability.

With 16 per cent of Aberdonians rating their bedroom performance as very good, they topped the UK poll.

But that left a huge 84 per cent unsure about their abilities.

As confidence in the bedroom plummets, it is being blamed on the high rate of obesity in the country.

Susan Murray, a LighterLife consultant from Insch in Aberdeenshire, says sexual confidence is linked to an individual’s weight.

“The study shows that being obese affects the mind as well as the body, and reveals the problems faced by so many people.

“For many, it’s a vicious circle – many use food as a substitute for love, and as the pounds pile on, their relationship switches from their partners, to food.”

One in five of those from Aberdeen also thought they were very experienced and had many previous partners.

Lowlanders stand up well to the stiff competition from their Northern neighbours, and are still miles ahead of their English counterparts in the bedroom.

Thirteen per cent Edinburgh’s population consider themselves very experienced, with 7 per-cent of Glaswegians thinking the same.

But the resolution to plan more steamy bedroom sessions paints a different picture, as Scots shed pounds for the new year and are looking forward to the results.

Susan said: “They need to learn how to recognise how to break the cycle – and clearly, for those who do, the sauce will not be in the kitchen, but in the bedroom.”