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1Callous Thugs Rob Grave

Callous Thugs Rob Grave

gravestone theft

By Alexander Lawrie

A DEVASTATED grandfather has hit out at the callous thugs who stole from his son’s grave at Christmas.

Kenny Lonie, 50, has visited his son Kenny’s grave almost every day since he passed away last May.

But the self-employed labourer was left in tears when he realised the two Rangers football tops left by friends of his son were missing.

The dad of four is now calling for CCTV cameras to be installed at Hayfield Cemetery, Fife, after a spate of similar thefts in recent months.

Mr Lonie, from Kirkcaldy, said: “I’ve been going to Kenny’s grave almost every single day but I couldn’t believe it when I arrived just before Christmas and found the tops gone.

“At the funeral his two best friends took the strips off their backs and laid them at the grave side.

“It was a really special moment for me and they have lain there all this time.

“My partner even took them home a couple of times to wash them just so they looked nice.

“It’s our first Christmas without Kenny and I just feel totally drained.

“I’m disgusted more than anything else really.

“I mean how could anyone rob from a grave? It’s beyond me.”


After learning of the theft Mr Lonie was taken to hospital suffering from pneumonia, which he is convinced was brought on by the shock.

He said: “Since this happened I’ve heard that a lot of people have had mementos and flowers stolen.

“I think it’s high time Fife Council took some action and installed security cameras.

“They could be switched on at night when the staff have all gone home.

“Hayfield is a lovely cemetery but something has to be done about the scum who get their kicks stealing from people’s graves.

“I don’t think you could print what I would do to them if I ever got my hands on them.”

Liz Murphy, bereavement services manager with Fife Council said: “The subject of installing CCTV cameras has been discussed but for various reasons, including cost, manning it and privacy, it has not been feasible.

“We urge anyone who has had things stolen from the cemetery to report it to the police so they can get proper information on how big a problem it is.

“We have a person responsible for patrolling the cemeteries and we will ask him to increase his patrols around Hayfield which can often help to reduce any problems.”

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