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1Tribute to loyal dog Bobby on anniversary of his death

Tribute to loyal dog Bobby on anniversary of his death


Video by Karrie Gillett

A TRIBUTE  to legendary dog Greyfriars Bobby has been held to mark the anniversary of the loyal pooch’s death.

The ceremony was held at the grave of the world-famous dog who spent 14 years guarding owner John Gray’s headstone after his death.

The One O’clock Gun Association brought along a lone piper and a dog called Blue to lay a wreath on Bobby’s resting place.

Crowds gathered for the lament by Pipe Major Robert Anderson as the wreath – decorated with dog biscuits – was placed on the grave at Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh.

It is 137 years since the little Skye Terrier passed away but the legend is still thriving with the grave being one of the most popular tourist attractions in the capital.

Stuart Wilson, chairman of the One O’clock Gun Association, insisted the group would continue to celebrate the story of Bobby every year after holding the first memorial service.

Mr Wilson said: “The story of Bobby is an iconic piece of Scottish history. It’s a wonderful story and it’s known worldwide.

“We plan to do this every year now and I’ve been telling everyone here today that it will be the same time, same place next year.”

The legend goes that Bobby belonged to John Gray, a night watchman with the city’s police force who died from TB in 1858.

Dog and owner were inseparable companions and Bobby is said to have devoted the next fourteen years to sitting on his master’s grave.

The faithful dog was buried just inside the gate of the cemetery in 1872 and the spot was marked with a head stone from the Dog Aid Society of Scotland in 1981.

The popular story has been the subject of books, songs and movies, while companies offer guided tours of the graveyard.

George Robinson, committee member of the association, said it was important to recognise the importance of Bobby’s story – especially in the year of Homecoming.

He said: “It’s the most famous dog in the world and we’re delighted to honour him today with all these people down here watching.

“It’s a simple wee dog, it’s not as if it was a dog at Crufts or anything but look how many people obviously love the story.”

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