Fake bake cooks up a storm

The cake that attracted Louis Vuitton's attention
The cake that attracted Louis Vuitton's attention

By Cara Sulieman
A SMALL Scottish baker has been warned off making cakes shaped like Louis Vuitton bags – because they look too real.

Truly Scrumptious made the edible suitcase especially for a customer last year and it quickly became a hit with fans of the designer across the world.

The luxury brand sent a stiff warning to the company not to make the cake again without their permission.

But now the Linlithgow based bakers are hoping to enter into an agreement with the fashion giant so that they can continue to sell the edible treat.

The letter, received last September, was a reaction to the popularity of the cake on blogs and websites around the world.

Word of the cake’s remarkable resemblance to the real thing caught the attention of the fashion house, who then got in touch with the small bakers.

But instead of being scared off by the ominous letter, the company see it as the best compliment they could get.

David Brice, Managing Director of Truly Scrumptious, is excited about the prospect of working with such a big name in designer goods.

He said: “We receive a wide range of requests for cakes to order, and designer brands have proved extremely popular.

“We are keen to increase links with leading brands, so we can offer an even wider choice to customers. We would be thrilled with the opportunity to work with an iconic brand like Louis Vuitton.”

The company already produce the popular Me to You bear cakes under licence, and are hopeful to continue their links with iconic brands.

David Brice, left, and Paul Bradford, right.
David Brice, left, and Paul Bradford, right.

David said: “An arrangement with Me to You bears has already proven successful, as the well loved brand is proving a popular cake theme for family celebrations.”

Louis Vuitton declined to comment on the situation.

Since starting the small company in 2002, David and his partner Paul Bradford have seen their business grow out of their shop in Linlithgow to a full-scale luxury operation with a concession in Jenners, Edinburgh.

This isn’t the first time the cake bakers have hit the headlines – they have been commissioned to make eye catching sweet treats that have been eaten by the rich and famous.

Sean Connery and Alex Salmond had a slice of the action when Truly Scrumptious were asked to make a cake in the shape of the Stone of Destiny to celebrate the anniversary of its return to Scotland in 2006.

And founder Paul Bradford was flown out to Monaco last year to personally design and decorate a 12-tier wedding cake for an unnamed British VIP.