Thug kills puppy with coffee mug


By Michael MacLeod

A THUG who killed a miniature Poodle with a coffee mug because it wouldn’t stop barking has been jailed.

Ian Robson, 32, claimed he was angry at the noise his friend’s 15-month-old puppy Olly was making and lashed out at the defenceless animal.

Sick Robson hit it so hard with the cup, the dog’s skull was smashed and it had blood pouring from its nostrils.

And despite emergency treatment from a vet, the whimpering Poodle later died from its injuries.

Yesterday at Dunfermline Sheriff Court he admitted culpable and reckless conduct – despite claiming that he liked animals and felt terrible that he had killed the pup – and was jailed for six months.

The court heard how Olly’s owner Mr Wilson had been visiting Robson’s Lochgelly home last July and took the pup with him.

But when his friend left the room to go to the toilet, the dog’s barking got louder and Robson lost it.

Short fused Robson lashed out at the animal smashing his skull.

When Mr Wilson returned, Robson was holding the dog out in front of him and it was barely conscious with blood streaming from its nostrils.

Olly was rushed by taxi to a vet in Dunfermline where he was given intravenous fluids and medical care.

But moments later the terrified pup suffered a seizure and died.

Robson later told police he “felt terrible” about the attack and claimed he was only trying to quieten it down.

His defence agent Richard Flett said: “The dog was barking and became louder but this is in no way intended to excuse Mr Robson.

“He lashed out at the dog and unfortunately this appears to be the cause of the fracture He likes animals and accepts he hit the dog with some force.

“But his intention was not to harm it, his intention was to quieten it.

“He very much regrets what has happened and is extremely ashamed and has expressed remorse.

“Sadly other family members have also carried the can for what has happened.”

Sentencing him to six months behind bars for the attack, Sheriff Craig McSherry said: “I understand there are others ways of dealing with this but striking a dog with such force as to cause its skull to fracture deserves a custodial penalty.”