Wednesday, June 29, 2022
1Tasty tablet keeps the troops going

Tasty tablet keeps the troops going

By Cara Sulieman

A SCOTTISH sweetie maker has brought joy to the front line with her world famous tablet.

Anne Riley has been making the sweet treat for eighteen years and supplies the upmarket House of Bruar as well as smaller local shops throughout the country.

And now the 46-year-old is feeding her toughest crowd yet – the men and women of the armed forces.

A famous face in Aberfeldy, Anne is known throughout the area for her cooking skills.

And so it’s no surprise that a package of her tablet made it’s way to Iraq as part of a Christmas present.

Sargeant Sandie Kennedy at RAF Leuchars was sent some of the delicious treat by her mum, and shared it round the base in Basra.

She said: “My mother sent me a package of the tablet as a Christmas present from Anne, which I shared with my colleagues.

“I have always loved tablet and after my colleagues enjoyed it so much at Christmas, I had the idea to ask for some more.

“I was expecting a few bars but Anne very kindly donated 93 bars, which is real morale-boosting stuff.

“A lot of the personnel here are from England so they hadn’t tasted tablet before and they absolutely loved it. They have been raving about it.

“I also gave a few bars to some of the guys in the RAF Regiment, who are on patrol, and to some of the local community, who also love it.”

But despite her international fans when Anne started out she was making only 16 bars at a time in her kitchen.

Now that she gets orders from shops and businesses around the country she has to make 100 bars in a batch to keep up with demand.

She said: “I started out because my sons were young and I thought ‘I need to do something.’

“Making tablet was the only thing I was any good at. It’s gone quite well.”

And it’s not just hungry soldiers that search the globe for her scrumptious creation.

Anne has had orders from people all over the world who have tasted the tablet in Scotland and have to have another bite.

Anne said: “The strangest people who have ordered from me were some nuns in Canada.

“I think someone had taken some back home with them and given them to the nuns, who then called and asked me to post them some.”

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