Tuesday, May 24, 2022
1Gwen Stefani’s ‘Superman’ opens new studio

Gwen Stefani’s ‘Superman’ opens new studio

Mike & Gwen

By Alexander Lawrie

A SCOTS personal trainer to the stars is opening his own brand new state-of-the-art gym this weekend.

Mike Heatlie, an Edinburgh-based fitness guru, will open his luxurious studio just days before jetting off to Los Angeles to knock superstar Gwen Stefani into shape ahead of her forthcoming world tour.

Mike has ploughed over £100,000 of his own cash into the venture which will be officially opened by Scottish boxing world champion Alex Arthur on Saturday.

Former-No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani, 39, said: “I’m so happy for Mike that he’s opening his own studio. I know it will be a huge success. I can’t wait to start working with him again in preparation for our summer tour.

“Mike is completely passionate about health and fitness and is a wonderful motivator.

“He is tireless, compassionate and makes working out something to look forward to. He is the Superman of my tour.”

Mike, who was recently named as Scotland’s fifth most eligible bachelor, will personally review his Edinburgh club’s members’ diet plans, with the overall fitness regimes and advice supervised by his own approved personal trainers.

Mike Heatlie

He said: “My aim is to offer a real feel-good factor to health and fitness training that is a step away from the experience encountered in a typical gym or health club.

“Whilst the new state-of-the-art equipment for customers will be available for members to undertake their own training, we will also be offering personal assistance in health and fitness to provide an effective and tailored regime.

“This will include adopting a more holistic approach that will take into account diet and other lifestyle factors.”

The passionate trainer has already penned the popular weight loss ebook ‘Lose 10 pounds, 10 years in 5 weeks’ and is famed for his commitment to his clients’ needs.

He added: “We want to offer an excellent level of service to people who take their health and fitness seriously. The aim is to provide a special experience that gets the right balance of being exclusive yet accessible to ordinary people concerned about their body condition.”

There has already been a strong level of interest in membership of the luxury studio, and guests at the official opening will include many of Mike’s past and current clients.

Boxing champ Alex Arthur said: “I’m delighted to be opening Mike’s new personal training studio, it is truly a beautiful facility, but knowing Mike Heatlie I wouldn’t expect anything less.

“Mike helped me mature physically when turning professional by introducing me to numerous training techniques that I had never heard of before and they dramatically increased my size, strength and power, which helped me overcome many of my opponents.”

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