Own goal as Livi owners fail to stump up cash




ANGRY firms claiming to be owed thousands of pounds in unpaid bills by cash-strapped Livingston FC last night demanded Italian chief Angelo Massone shown them some respect.

No-one from the Scottish Division One club showed in court yesterday where they were ordered to stump out thousands for an outstanding joinery bill.

Now fuming bosses at Leader Timber – who supplied flooring for the club’s plush Carling Academy Bar and raised yesterday’s action – doubts they’ll ever see the cash again despite having costs awarded in their favour.

Managing Director Ronnie Malcolm, 54, said: “I’m furious at them and don’t think for a second that we’ll ever see the money again because I think it looks like they’re about to go bust.

“Somebody needs to explain to the Italians how business is done in Scotland.

“For the past three years we’ve got on fine with the club, but since June when this mob showed up, it’s been a nightmare.

“They’re just not showing respect anymore.”


He reeled off a list of name of some 16 companies alleged to be owed thousands of points in unpaid invoices by the West Lothian outfit.

The club is also being held to ransom over an alleged late payment of around £7000 to an Edinburgh electrical company who carry out safety cheques at the modern Almondvale Stadium.

Charles Waugh, who runs the firm, said he’s now refusing to provide the club with its safety certificate until he gets his cash.

He said: “The guys running Livi are in cloud Cuckooland if they think they can treat local businesses like this.

“We’re the ones who have supported our club for years and maintained a great working relationship until the Italians showed up.

“I’ve carried out all the electrical checks on the stadium but I’ve kept the entertainment licence and they’re not getting it until I get paid.

“They’ve shown nothing but ignorance since I did the work.”


The club were scheduled to appear at Linlithgow Sheriff Court yesterday, but after failing to show Sheriff Peter Hammond awarded all expenses to Leader Timber.

Speaking afterwards, Leader’s MD Malcolm added: “I fear my case is just the tip of the iceberg.

“The fact that they didn’t even have the courtesy to turn up today sums them up.

“I’ve got 150 other clients and none have ever needed taken to court.

“We tried phoning, email and Faxing but nothing seemed to work.

“We still don’t know if we’ll ever get the money back but actually, it’s the supporters who I feel sorry for.

“They show up week in and week out, but still don’t know if they are being told the truth about the club’s finances.”

When confronted over the cash crisis yesterday Tommaso Angelini, Footballing Director at the club, bizarrely chose to scoff lunch while watching TV show Loose Woman in front of the Press while shrugging off the controversy.

He said: “I cannot comment until the Director returns from Italy tonight.”