Britain’s Got Talent world record attempt is back on



A SCOT who was booed off the stage during last week’s Britain’s Got Talent is being given a second chance – because a presenter on the show stuffed him full of sweets before the show began.

James Boyd, 33, from Dunfermline, Fife, attempted to impress the talent show’s judges by breaking the world record for eating Ferrora Rocher chocolates.

But he left the stage humiliated after the 2,500-strong crowd at Glasgow’s Clyde Auditorium booed his efforts and judge Simon Cowell claimed “nobody wants to see that again”.

To make things worse, the show’s presenter Ant McPartlin managed to beat James’ attempt and eat five of the posh sweets offstage.

But the dramatic arts student has been invited back after he complained to TV watchdog Ofcom after claiming he was forced to eat Maltesers and After Eight mints by presenter Stephen Mulhern prior to his performance, leaving him feeling unwell.

World record

Now James is all set to go for the world record again after being invited back for a second attempt at the wacky record.

James said: “I got an email from the producers saying they would like to invite me back.

“ITV1 just showed the onstage attempt – what really happened was not shown.

“That meant the judges don’t know why I only ate four. It was shown on ITV2 but when I was speaking seriously to Stephen, blaming him for my failure, they played the theme tune to Terry and June over it.

“It didn’t make any sense.”

James was ridiculed by the baying audience on last week’s show with the crowd shouting Off! Off! Off!, while acid-tongued Cowell said his attempt “doesn’t strike anyone in this room as outstanding.”

He added: “If you were attempting something like watermelons – something difficult to swallow – then I would say there might be a future in this act.

“But they are so small nobody wants to see this again, and more importantly you failed.”

And fellow judge Amanda Holden sneered: “In all honesty, I think I could do better than that.”

Biggest crowd

But James is delighted to be given a second chance to impress the three celebrity judges.

He said: “I wasn’t happy, and that’s what was shown on ITV2. But, 11.4 million people watched the show on Saturday.

“That’s the biggest crowd I’ve ever played to.”