Sunday, July 3, 2022
1“Frumpy” Susan unveils new look

“Frumpy” Susan unveils new look

Susan Boyle

By Lauren Crooks

BRITAIN’S Got Talent crooner Susan Boyle unveiled a funky new look yesterday – after admitting seeing herself on TV made her feel “frumpy”.

The singing star – sporting a cool new leather jacket with rounded collar and a trendy print pattern dress – says it wasn’t until she actually watched the show that she realised just how she came across.

And with more than 100 million people now having watched her online she is determined to smarten up her act.

Since her first appearance, 48-year-old virgin Susan has also been to a hairdresser for some help with trying to control her wild waves which has earned her the nickname “the hairy angel” in some sections of the Press.

And now she will be watching her weight too, because she was shocked when she saw how “frumpy” she looked.

She said: “I will need to sort out my dress sense and my weight. It wasn’t until I saw myself on TV that I realised how frumpy I was.

“It’s not a big thing, it doesn’t worry me too much, but I will be doing a bit more exercise to help me sort it out.

“When there is this much attention on you, you have to plan what you wear every day and look your best.

“I just want to look nice, and smart.”

Susan new look comes despite appeals from judge Amanda Holden begged her to stay the way she was and vowed to protect her from a popstar makeover.

Holden was referring to the Hollywood smile Simon Cowell gifted to former contestant Paul Potts after his won the competition.

But the devout Catholic insists she wants to look her best and says a re-style is top of her to-do list.

Unlikely star Susan, who has never even been kissed and lives alone with cat Pebbles, wowed the dubious crowd with her performance of I Dreamed a Dream.

And the pressure is starting to get to the star – as her next performance edges closer.

She said: “I’m nervous but I’m trying to take it all in my stride. I am trying to be calm and relaxed to get rid of the nerves.

“I can only do my best and see how it goes. I have to say there is always room for improvement. I’m just going to go out there and sing my heart out.”

Susan says her phone has not stopped since her appearance last week, with friends and strangers eager to pass on their congratulations.

And it’s not just phone calls – Susan has received hundreds of letters of support from all over Britain and the world.

She said: “I have so many cards from far afield and people wanting to congratulate me. It’s just unbelievable.

“I haven’t had enough time to even open them all, and nowhere else to put them. But it’s lovely reading how much people enjoyed my performance.”

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