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1Chris Hoy meets nephew of old rival

Chris Hoy meets nephew of old rival

Chris Hoy with Adrian Eadie, right and his sister Rachael, left
Chris Hoy with Adrian Eadie, right and his sister Rachael, left

By Cara Sulieman

CYCLING legend Chris Hoy met the nephew of an old rival when he went to open a new school library.

Whilst touring the school, 11-year-old Adrian Eadie approached the Olympic gold medal winner with a picture of his uncle and Sir Chris racing against each other.

With Hoy clearly out in front, Mr Eadie was two places behind, desperately trying to catch up with the world champion.

Sir Chris was amazed to find the hidden gem from his past.

He said: “I think that was a track up in Inverness by the look of it. I used to ride BMX bikes back then.”

The little boy was thrilled to meet the cycling legend, and proud of his family history.

Claim to fame

He said: “My uncle talks about Chris most of the time. It’s his claim to fame.

“I think he’s the same age as Chris – I don’t really know how old they both are.

“He emailed the picture to my Dad so I could print it off and bring in to show Mr Hoy.

“It was nice to meet him.”

Sir Chris was at the school to open the new library, and took time to talk to the kids about his favourite kids books.

Chris Hoy in junoir BMX action - clearly in front
Chris Hoy in junoir BMX action - clearly in front

He said: “I really enjoyed Roald Dahl, my favourite was George’s Marvellous Medicine.

“But I really enjoyed all of his books – the description’s are just great for kids.

“I remember Rik Mayall reading it out on Jackanory, that was really great.

“My tastes have changed a little now. I’m reading Bright Shining Morning by James Frey at the moment and really enjoying it.

Although he is training hard to try and make up lost time from his hip injury, Sir Chris still finds time to read a few books.

He said: “There are times when you have to rest your legs for a few hours and there’s not a lot you can do apart from watching television so I take the time to read some books.”

Raised money

The library has opened after Stoneyhill Primary raised money to buy both fiction and non-fiction books for the kids to enjoy.

The head teacher, Seonaid McGillivray, explained that the library was non-existent before the project started.

She said: “It was just a few shelves with some reference books on them. The kids couldn’t take anything out and it just wasn’t used.

“Since the new library opened the children have been able to take them home, and it has been well used.”

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