Boy racers’ dangerous new game



CAR CRAZY boy racers are risking lives with a dangerous driving competition –using cash machine statements to time their speeds.

The new craze is currently sweeping the nation as the young speed freaks continue to flout the law daily.

Youths have created their own race circuit and been spotted speeding away from a supermarket car park in South Queensferry, West Lothian and heading to the small village of Newton, just under three miles away.

The drivers are thought to be withdrawing a bank mini-statement at the beginning of the race, making the mad dash to Newton and back, and then withdrawing a second statement to clock their time.

Locals, who have dubbed the crazy race as “The Race to Newton” have raised their concerns with the police.

A police spokesman has admitted they are investigating the craze, which mirrors similar games across the country.

The boy racers are also thought to have devised a smaller route for their dangerous antics.

Keith Giblet, Queensferry and District Community Council Vice-Chair, said: “From what we understand the boy racers are setting off from the Tesco car park, travelling through the Echline Roundabout and on into Newton, then heading straight back and using cash machines to record their time.

“There’s apparently also a shorter version of the game where drivers leave the car park and travel once round the Echline Roundabout and back, with the aim of the game being to beat the lights.”

Inspector John Beresford, of Lothian and Borders Police, admitted he had heard of similar circuits taking place among boy racers in other parts of the country.

He said: “I have heard on the grapevine that it is now creeping into our area. The game would only be illegal if they are breaking the speed limit, or acting irresponsibly on the road, so to that extent it depends on what they’re doing.

“I would hope that anyone who was aware of these races taking place would contact the police.”

Local car enthusiasts have distanced themselves from the new craze saying the boy racers would not be welcome at any of their meetings.

Colin Mottram, 23, a member of car enthusiast club Edinburgh Cruise, said: “If they’re doing something illegal we would be unlikely to hear about it on our forum, but if they did post something like that up they would come in for some harsh comments and probably be removed by the administrator.

“Edinburgh Cruise members consider themselves a bit more mature than that.

“We’ve got a good community spirit, and you won’t be accepted if you go around acting like an idiot.”