Singer Susan Boyle breakdown fears not true say family

Boyle is still going strong
Boyle is still going strong

By Lauren Crooks

THE FAMILY of Britain’s Got Talent crooner Susan Boyle have hit back at claims the star is having a nervous breakdown.

Mary Brady, 70, said rumours that the family are arguing over their sister’s career are “lies”.

Susan is said to be desperate to let everyone hear her sing but will have to wait until the show is over until she can jet out to the US.

But Mary insists there are no problems or disagreements.

She said: “I have stopped reading all the lies that are being printed. Susan is not having a breakdown, she is being pampered by her sister and a rest is what she deserves.”

And she added that claims the siblings are at war with Britain’s Got Talent production crew were nonsense.

She said: “That’s just not true. The show is Susan’s priority.”

Simon Cowell has urged devout Catholic Susan to close her door to publicity and concentrate on singing.

Losing interest

The music mogul told her she could risk the public losing interest in her if she doesn’t.

And previous BGT contestant Andrew Muir – who bizarrely was working just next door to Mary’s house in Whitburn yesterday – agrees.

The singing plumber said: “She’s on every front page – she needs to be careful people don’t get bored hearing about her.”

Muir, 25, was tipped for the top after appearing on the show but has still to record a single or an album.

Interest not dying

He said: “I’m going to Rome soon to record my album. I’m very excited about it.

“I have sung with Susan before and wish her well in the competition.”

But back in Blackburn, there was still no sign of the interest dying.

And two women travelled all the way from Pennsylvania in the US to visit the star.

Americans drove to Blackburn

Lynn Sheffer and Bev Yohe, both 45, drove to Blackburn as soon as their flight landed in Edinburgh yesterday. (Mon)

And because they didn’t know where Susan lived the pair drove around the village until they found the house they had seen on the news.

Bev, whose husband works in Grangemouth, said: “We had planned our trip and we knew we had to find Susan.

“Her voice is amazing and we wanted to tell her we are big fans. She is everywhere in America at the moment.

“Incredible talent”

Lynn, a retired government worker, added: “It’s great to watch someone with such incredible talent get some recognition.”

But neighbours on the quiet street are not as keen.

Margaret Smith, who lives next door, said: “We haven’t been getting much sleep. On Sunday we had four Japanese tourists outside taking pictures of the house at 4am.

“All the flashing woke us up.”