Monday, June 27, 2022
1Swine flu hits Edinburgh

Swine flu hits Edinburgh

By REPORTING TEAM: Cara Sulieman, Paul Thornton, Alexander Lawrie, Lauren Crooks and Oliver Farrimond

BREAKING NEWS: A newlywed couple from Edinburgh have been quarantined at home over fears they have been infected by Swine Flu.

Peter and Jennifer Marshall, from Gorgie, returned from their honeymoon in the area Cancun of Mexico last Tuesday (21st) and started to show signs of flu-like symptoms.

Last night Peter, 37, a flower wholesaler, said they had “voluntarily” confined themselves to their cottage home while awaiting test results to confirm whether or not they had the virus.

He said: “We just feel a little under the weather.”

Ear infection

“I went to the doctor a week ago complaining about an ear infection I got from scuba diving.

“I then went back on Monday because my anti-biotics weren’t working and mentioned I had a sore throat and my glands were spoken.

“Because of the fact that we’d been to Mexico they told me to stay inside and they have come round to do tests.

“The doctor had to come and take swabs from me, my wife, and our friend who is staying with us – my best friend’s girlfriend, who has been staying with us as she’s moving up to Edinburgh.

Swabbed and quarantined

“Because she’s been in contact with us she had to get swabbed and quarantined as well.

“The doctor came in today dressed in protective clothing and took the swabs.

“They haven’t told us how long it’ll take to get the results, but I think it will be up to 48 hours.”

The group have also had vaccinations and anti-virals posted through their letter box, and have had to turn away all visitors to their house – instead talking to them on the phone through the window.

Mild cases

He added: “I’m not too worried. Any cases I’ve seen in Britain have been mild cases. I feel absolutely fine.

“To be honest, I don’t think it is swine flu, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“I’m more concerned that I’ve passed it on to people.

“I’ve been in contact with my best man’s six-month-old baby and my goddaughter since we got back and I’m more worried that I past it on to them than about myself.

“And I went on a stag do on Saturday.

Not a good wedding present

“It wouldn’t be a good wedding present to pass that on to them.

“They were supposed to be going to Mexico on their honeymoon as well but obviously they can’t now.

“But like I said we feel fine. If it wasn’t for this we would be at work.

Peter went to the doctors last week after returning from Mexico with an ear infection from when he was scuba diving.

After the anti-biotics didn’t clear it up he went back on Monday and it was then that swine flu was flagged up.

Iain and Dawn Askham

Iain and Dawn Askham, from Polmont near Falkirk, arrived back in the UK from Mexico on the same day.

Peter said he did not know if they had shared any flights. He said: “We don’t know if it was the same – we came up from Gatwick.”

He and Jenny, a property developer, have been together for three and a half years, and lived together for most of that time.

Peter said: “It was instant love. She’s my wee angel. I can’t think of anyone better to be stuck in the house with.”

Wholesale flowers

He is involved with several businesses, most of which involved the wholesale of flowers.

Businesses that list him as a director include J Van Vliet, Flowers International Ltd, Henry Doy’s Scottish Flower Market Ltd and Flowerdot Ltd.

Last night NHS Lothian refused to comment on his case.

Dr Alison McCallum, Director of Public Health for NHS Lothian said: “We are currently investigating reports of flu-like symptoms experienced by people recently returned from Mexico.

Wash your hands

“As a precaution, the people involved are being asked to stay at home until the results of urgent tests are available.

“If you feel ill with flu like symptoms, please call your GP or NHS 24 for advice rather than arriving at healthcare premises in person.

“Following good hand-washing practice also helps prevent the spread of infection.”

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