Shirley Manson victim of swine flu




SCOTS rocker Shirley Manson is the latest victim of the recent outbreak of swine flu – after she had a tin of haggis confiscated by a US television show.

The Edinburgh-born musician was appearing with fellow Scot Craig Ferguson on his late night chat show on Tuesday when she admitted the show’s producers confiscated the gift she had brought for her host.

The flame-haired singer revealed she had bought Ferguson a tin of Scotland’s national dish to enjoy on the show, but stuffy CBS officials snatched the can from her just as she was about to walk on.

During the interview, Manson joked: “Is it just me or has the swine flu has somehow affected Craig tonight? You’re on fire tonight.

“But, I know you are taking this very seriously, because I actually brought you a gift from Scotland. But just as I stepped onto the stage tonight they [the producers] said ‘No!’.

“The CBS censor stopped me. I was stopped because I had a can of haggis and that’s when I realised you guys are taking this very seriously.

“When I saw the can I just thought it was the funniest thing ever, and I was going to bring you it as a gift, but, like I said, the CBS censor stopped me.”

Ferguson, now a naturalised US citizen, then admitted he was “never a fan of haggis anyway”.

Manson to reform Garbage

During the show Manson revealed she is to meet Prime Minister Gordon Brown when she travels to Britain next week, but would not divulge the reason behind the meeting.

The Garbage star is also set to appear in an exhibition to promote a new genealogical museum of famous Scots, which also includes comedian Billy Connolly and Nobel Prize winner Sir James Black.

Manson then confirmed she is about to go back on the road with her band Garbage.