Bob Dylan visits John Lennon’s home



LEGENDARY musician Bob Dylan mingled un-noticed with Beatles fans while visiting John Lennon’s childhood home.

The Blowin in the Wind star went unrecognised as he casually strolled around the Liverpool semi-detached house where the former-Beatle grew up with his aunt Mimi and uncle George.

And the US folk musician was said to be “enthralled” as he lingered in the bedroom Lennon is said to have written some of the Fab Four’s earliest hits.

Dylan, 67, was in Liverpool as part of his Never Ending Tour, which he first began in 1988.

He told the house’s curator that Lennon’s upbringing was similar to his own.

The star is said to have poured over old photos, documents and other memorabilia inside the modest property in the Wooton area of the city.

Tourists failed to recognise icon

A spokesperson for the National Trust, which owns and maintains the house, said: “We couldn’t believe it when his agent rang us and asked if we could get Bob on one of our tours to see John’s house.

“He spent ages going through photo albums and was thrilled at all the memorabilia.

“He’s definitely the biggest celebrity we’ve ever had on our tours.

“But incredibly, no-one else recognised him.”

Dylan was ranked number two in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the “Greatest Artists of All Time”, while Time magazine included him in their “Most Important People of the Century” poll.