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1Lord Advocate raises thousands with charity run

Lord Advocate raises thousands with charity run

By Rory Reynolds

SCOTLAND’S top lawyer ran a gruelling road race yesterday (Sunday) as a tribute to murder victim Moira Jones.

Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini ran the  seven and a half mile Dunblane Hydro Road Race to raise money for The Moira Fund, a charity set up to help families affected by violent deaths.

Sources close to the Lord Advocate said that she had completed the race, but her time and place were not yet known. She is said to have raised thousands of pounds in sponsorship money for the charity.

It is believed that Angiolini, 48, trained for six weeks to prepare for the event.

The mum-of-two, who is head of Scotland’s criminal prosecutors, returned to the courtroom to personally secure the conviction of Marek Harcar, 33, for the brutal murder of Moira Jones in May 2008.


A legal source said: “Elish was moved by the case and vowed to help Moira’s family in any way.

“Everyone is very proud of what she is doing and the amount of effort she has put into this.”

Moira’s mum Bea, 67, said: “We realized that loads of people would not have had the family support we had.”

Moira’s dad Hu, 69, added: “We are very, very appreciative of the Lord Advocate’s support.”

A Crown Office spokesman said: “Mrs Angiolini is taking part in a race to raise money for The Moira Fund.

“It will offer access to specialist counselling, respite help and a support network.”

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