Homesick for Scottish weather – You must be Kidd-ing


By Rory Reynolds

Scots heartthrob Kevin McKidd, who is currently starring in the hit US drama Grey’s Anatomy, says he’s homesick for the “crazy characters” in Scotland.

And the Trainspotting star, 35, also reckons he could do with a break from the Los Angeles heat with some Scottish weather.

The Elgin-born actor – dubbed Major McHottie by fans, said: “I miss my mum and dad. I do miss Scotland a lot and have been really homesick recently. I miss all the crazy characters from my hometown.”

“When Grey’s Anatomy finishes filming, I get two or three months off, so we’ll definitely be in Scotland for the summer.

Fans of the hit award-winning show have even made Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane honorary Scots, dubbing them McDreamy and McSteamy, along with McKidd’s character as McBadAss.

And the hunky ginger – who plays Iraq war medic turned surgeon Major Dr.Owen Hunt – is keen to hang onto his Scottish accent.

He said: “You soon learn that LA is a very cosmopolitan city and that people can understand you without having to change your accent.”

“It’s funny, I’ve never played a Scottish character in the US, except for one movie with Partick Dempsey called Made of Honour. It felt really weird, I felt naked without doing an accent.”

“But when I work, I’ve got this weird thing that I like using a different dialect. It helps me get into character and a different headspace. That’s the fun of acting, getting to walk into someone else’s shoes.”