Thugs attack Edinburgh charity taxi on children’s outing



A sick thug pelted balloon covered taxis with rocks as they ferried special needs kids on what was supposed to be a picnic treat.

One cab had its windows smashed in – showering the terrified children inside with glass – during the Edinburgh Taxi Trade Children’s outing.

The children, aged nine and 11, were travelling with their parents at the time and while shaken were fortunately unhurt.

SHATTERED: John MacPherson
SHATTERED: John MacPherson

But those involved in the charity drive have hit out at the sicko yobs who would stoop so low as to target vulnerable kids.


Driver John MacPherson – who was dressed up as Santa Claus for the event – owns the can that was trashed.

He said: “The glass went all over and the children were obviously frightened.

“We were going past Murrayfield Stadium when the back window just shattered. I pulled over to the side of the road to check everyone was okay and the parents said something had been thrown.”

“It didn’t come through, but it was such a stupid thing to do.”

Edinburgh’s cabbies give up their own time and decorate the taxis in brilliant colours as part of a 63 year long tradition to cheer up vulnerable kids.

And 37-year-old John, from Clermiston in Edinburgh, said he was “disgusted” by the morons behind the attack.


He added: “The taxi was decorated with balloons and was part of the convoy – so it was obvious that it was part of the day out.

“Fortunately we were able to put the kids in another taxi so they could enjoy the rest of their day.

“I reported it to one of the police outriders, but I don’t know what chance they have of catching the guy.”

“I am absolutely furious.

“If the police catch him he should be made to blow up every balloon used for the outing for punishment for the next decade.”

Around 50 cabs were in the convoy which included vulnerable special needs kids, children with terminal illness and a group from Chernobyl.

ANGRY: Justic Secretary Kenny MacAskill (rear left) with kids
ANGRY: Justic Secretary Kenny MacAskill (rear left) with kids

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill was also part of Tuesday’s convoy to judge the best dressed cab said he was sickened by the incident.

He said: “This is totally reprehensible behaviour.

“These taxi drivers are trying to provide a special day out for some of the most disadvantaged children in the city.

“They are giving up their time and spending their own money on decorating the taxis, providing petrol and giving up other fares, so for them to be attacked is disgraceful.”

Police appealed for information, saying the incident was “disappointing”.