Susan Boyle fans flock to Edinburgh Playhouse to catch glimpse of star




SCORES of Britain’s Got Talent fans waited for hours to welcome the stars of the show to Edinburgh.

The stars of the hit TV show performed at Edinburgh’s Playhouse Theatre last night to a sold-out audience.

Most fans were there to see Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle, but every one of the talent show’s performers was given a rousing reception from the waiting crowd.

Flawless, Julian Smith, DJ Talent and last year’s winner George Sampson all arrived on a luxury coach while star of the show Susan Boyle was whisked into the theatre by a side door.

Lisa Murray, 20, from Dumbarton, said: “I arrived here at 4 o’clock today and can’t wait for the show to start. I really want to see Susan Boyle because I think she is amazing. I’m also dying to see Stephen Mulherne, one of the show’s presenters.

“I saw Susan in Glasgow last night (Mon) and she was just amazing. She looked overwhelmed with the crowd’s reaction.”

Kate Wilson, 15, and Ashley Jackson, 14, both from Edinburgh, said: “We are both here to see Shaun Smith and Diversity mainly, but Susan is also one of our favourites.

“I think she is a totally amazing singer and she is doing Scotland proud.

BGT“Normally you just see English people on the show, so it’s great she’s flying the flag for us.”

Jackie Morrison, 15, and Tara Raine, 15, both from Fife, said: “We’ve been here for four hours and can’t wait for the show to start. We’re both so excited that George samson is performing, but of this year’s talent we are desperate to see Susan Boyle.

“She’s such a great singer and I feel sorry for her a bit because she has been picked on quite a lot.”

Cara Brannigan, 14, Channelle Irvine, 15, and Mya Tillie, 14, all from Edinburgh, said: “We can’t wait to see Susan and Shaun Smith tonight, they are our favourites.

“Susan is a total legend and we really hope she turns up tonight. I feel sorry fer her because everyone laughed at her at first, but she’s the one having the last laugh now.”