Wednesday, May 25, 2022
1Granny banned from bingo hall after punch-up

Granny banned from bingo hall after punch-up

By Cara Sulieman

A 96-YEAR-OLD woman has been banned from a chain of bingo halls after punching the assistant manager in the face.

Gala Bingo has now put a permanent ban on the pensioner from visiting any of their branches after the shocking incident in Pollok, Glasgow.

It all started when the OAP saw another member was sitting at her favourite table in the club.

It’s believed she threatened the woman with violence unless she moved, and staff stepped in to calm the raging wrinkly.

“Good left hook”

But instead of pacifying the peeved pensioner, the assistant manager was punched in the eye.

A source at the club, where the granny is a regular, said: “This OAP is well known for her temper. She can throw a good left hook for someone of her age.”

A spokeswoman for Gala said that they had taken the decision to ban her from the chain, as it wasn’t the first time she had caused trouble.

She said: “After lengthy discussions we decided this lady would have to be ejected and prevented from attending any of our bingo halls in the future. This incident was shocking from someone that age.

“We cannot allow our staff to be verbally or physically abused.

“And we had to take into account that she’s behaved aggressively towards staff and other members in the past.”

“Shouting matches”

A member who saw the fight said: “A thought it was just going to be a bit of an argument because we have seen her in shouting matches here before.

“But then she lashed out and there was a big scene. It was shocking.”

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