Tuesday, July 5, 2022
1Shop serves up a Wimbledon treat

Shop serves up a Wimbledon treat

The tennis inspired sizzlers
The tennis inspired sizzlers

By Cara Sulieman

AS WIMBLEDON gets underway today households across the country are stocking up on the sporting staple of strawberries and cream.

But one shop is serving up a novel way to enjoy the traditional tennis treat with the new Berry Banger.

Made of pork, strawberries, crème fraiche and mint, the sausages will only be available for the length of the tournament and are expected to do well at the meat counter.

And with good weather predicted for the summer, even in usually rainy Scotland, the store hope that the bangers will provide tennis fans with the perfect way to combine a summer barbeque with the traditional pudding.

“Brits love tennis”

Already Waitrose, the firm behind the wacky combination, have seen more sausages sell than usual, shooting 10 per cent on last year.

Anna Lloyd, Sausage Buyer for the upmarket shop, said that the new recipe combines two of Britain’s loves.

She said: “Brits love the tennis, and strawberries and cream have become accepted as an integral part of the festivities.

“Big hit”

“Waitrose wanted to embrace the flavour of the season and the ‘Berry Banger’ was the perfect answer.

“Our limited edition sausages always create a bit of theatre at the counter and never fail to put a smile on customers’ faces.

“We hope they’ll be a big hit this summer.”

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