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1Youngest Hearts season ticket holder

Youngest Hearts season ticket holder

By Cara Sulieman

A SIX-MONTH old boy is in the running to be the youngest football fan in Scotland.

Little Arron Bain is now a Hearts season ticket holder after his granddad bought him his very own season ticket.

He also has a mini maroon football strip with Bain No 1 written on the back.

Both the treats were bought by his grandfather Donald, 50, who is a lifelong Hearts fan himself.

“All my life”

He can’t wait to introduce his grandson to the beautiful game and will deck him out in his new strip when he takes to the stand next season.

The kitchen designer from Sighthill, Edinburgh, said: “I’ve been a supporter all my life so I am looking forward to introducing Arron to Hearts.

“He already watched the football when it’s on the telly. Of course he doesn’t understand the game and is probably attracted to the colours and noises, but it’s a good sign.”

Donald bought the season ticket because the club are currently running an under-12s initiative where children can buy a cheap ticket if a relative already owns one.

“Passion for the game”

But he said that the bargain £19 price isn’t what attracted him.

He said: “I would have bought it at any price, it’s about the passion for the game.”

Donald himself was going to games when he was four and never misses a home game.

He has also been collecting Hearts memorabilia since the 1940s and has an impressive collection of photographs and match programmes.

But he knows that his grandson won’t be able to make every game just yet.


He said: “As Arron is so little he won’t be going all the time. I’ll only take the lad to the smaller games and we won’t be going anywhere near the crowded areas.

“When I took his birth certificate along to buy the season ticket people did look surprised.”

A spokesman from Hearts confirmed that Arron Bain was the youngest season ticket holder.

He said: “Hearts prides itself on being a family-orientated football club and it is great to see the family introduce Arron so early into the match experience at Tynecastle.

“Our under-12s initiative is proving to be hugely popular.

“From our records it looks like he is the youngest ticket holder this season.”

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