Gay footballers announce sponsorship deal


Hotscots FC Logo


SCOTTISH football may be facing its biggest financial crisis in decades – but at least one of the country’s teams is bucking the recent credit crunch.

Scotland’s only gay football squad has just announced their lucrative sponsorship deal with gay dating website is to continue for at least another year.

The gay-friendly team lifted their first trophy earlier this year when they triumphed over crack outfit GFC Bournemouth and are delighted to have the continued support of their backers.

Set up two years ago, Hotscots FC has now attracted over 80 members and regularly plays against teams from all over Britain.

Hotscots Chairman Kevin Rowe, who helped form the club, admits the support from the dating website is key to the club’s continued success.

He said “Last season saw us over achieve our goals by a long shot, and if we’re to maintain our momentum we need to keep growing as a club. 

“Part of this is having a sound financial background.  The continued support from Fitlads is absolutely key to help us to move to the next level”

“We are very thankful to Fitlads for their support, and will be wearing with pride our new Hotscots’ kit at the event with their logo on the front. 

“Their support has meant we can take a strong squad down to any of our away league and cup matches, and for this we are very grateful. 

“Right from the first tournament we took part in down in Leicester, have been there to support us and this is further confirmation of their incredible support”

Impressive style of play

The Hotscots team are also the current holders of the Fitlads Cup – a trophy they won by beating the GFSN league winners London Falcons

The club has impressed the other members of the gay football supporter’s network in the UK with their fast style of football and strong fitness levels and include players from all across Scotland in their ranks.

Campaigners have been hailing the team after their inaugural cup win and successful league campaign, and have hailed the gay-friendly football team as doing a “superb job” in breaking down stereotypes.

John Hein, chair of Pride Scotia, said: “To be able to play the sport you love without any prejudices is a wonderful thing.

“The individuals involved must feel empowered and important for achieving so much in such a short space of time.”