Thursday, June 30, 2022
1Gloria Hunniford to front Angels show

Gloria Hunniford to front Angels show

By Cara Sulieman

TV PRESENTER Gloria Hunniford was in Scotland yesterday to unveil her latest on screen project – a new programme about guardian angels.

‘Angels’ aims to explore the concept of guardian angels and ‘angelic power’ as well as explaining the history of the phenomenon and debating their existence.

With stories from people who believe they have been visited by angels, the show’s experts will look at the cases and try to explain what really happened.

A psychologist, who will challenge the encounters and provide a common sense reason for the sighting, will join Glennyce Eckersley, an expert on the spiritual interpretation of angels.

“Touched so many”

Dianne Nelmes, Executive Producer and Managing Director of Liberty Bell Productions, who are making the show for Sky, said that the many people will be able to relate to the programme.

She said: “The concept of angels has touched so many lives: hundreds of thousands of men and women who are convinced they have experienced spiritual sightings or received ‘signs’ from angels.

“Many have held these secret for fear of ridicule but nowadays most people are not afraid to talk about and share their experiences. Angels will explore some of their stories- revealing and challenging the phenomenon of angelic presence and power.”

Barbara Gibbon, Head of Sky Real Lives says: “In recent years there has been a huge uptake in interest in angels and we are so excited that Sky Real Lives is the first channel to create dedicated programming to explore this phenomenon.

“We hope angel followers and those who simply want to learn more enjoy this engaging new series.”

The 10 programmes will be shown on Sky Real Lives starting July 24 at 9pm.

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