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1Filming gets under way in Scotland for new Richard E Grant project

Filming gets under way in Scotland for new Richard E Grant project

Richard E Grant in Edinburgh earlier this month
Richard E Grant in Edinburgh earlier this month

By Cara Sulieman

A HOST of British stars are shooting a new film in a Scottish country house this month.

Richard E Grant plays the lead in the romantic comedy, inviting an opera company to his mansion to perform Mozart’s Cosi Von Tutti.

The production company are keeping the exact location of filming under wraps, but it is believed the set is based in a country manor north of Berwick upon Tweed.

Sarah Brightman, famous for her role in the Phantom of the Opera, takes the lead role in the lavish opera production.

Rosamund Pike

As well as being a rich industrialist, Grant’s character is a wannabe opera star and hopes to impress both his friends and the attractive conductor with his performance.

The film also stars British beauty Rosamund Pike, who has became an overnight sensation after her performance in Pride and Prejudice.

Cosi is being directed by Chris Menaul who has worked in TV since the early 1990s and has directed people such as David Tennant and Helen Mirren.

A spokesman for SC Films said: “This is a movie which fuses the stately grandeur of Gosford Park with the magical music of Amadeus for a unique story of love’s fluctuating fortunes, set against a sumptuous backdrop of visual and vocal beauty.

“As the cast, drama and score all tread the tightrope of tone between humour and pathos, what unfolds is a timeless romantic comedy.”

Fickle lovers

The opera that is put on in the film, Cosi Von Tutti, was written by Mozart and first performed in January 1790.

It is the story of two soldiers who are wagered to test their fiancés loyalty by trying to woo them in disguise.

The two women finally succumb to the charms of the “new” lovers and marry them; only to find out they have been duped.

Despite the events that have unfolded, the men forgive their fickle lovers and they end the opera by forgiving each other.

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