Friday, August 12, 2022
1Susan Boyle’s brother Gerry launches own music label

Susan Boyle’s brother Gerry launches own music label

By Cara Sulieman

THE brother of singing sensation Susan Boyle is following in his sister’s footsteps by launching his own music label.

Instant Music is part of a range of products and services under the Instant name.

HIT MACHINE?: Gerry Boyle
HIT MACHINE?: Gerry Boyle

And Gerry Boyle will be holding his own Britain’s Got Talent style audition to find artists for the label.

At the launch today he insisted that he isn’t trying to cash in on Susan’s success.


He said: “This has been in the planning process for five years and the launch was actually planned for March but we held off because I wanted to be there to support Susan.

“I’m not going to tell you fibs – Susan’s fame has brought us opportunities and contacts that we wouldn’t have had but this is something I have always planned to do.”

And one of those contacts is Susan’s mentor Simon Cowell who Gerry had the chance to meet after Britain’s Got Talent.

He took the opportunity to talk briefly about his project with the music mogul, who thought that his idea was “interesting”.

Gerry said: “The meeting we had was about Susan’s future career and I went down to be with her for it.

“I only briefly mentioned Instant Music to him but he was very encouraging. To be fair he only had seen it for five minutes.

“But he said it was interesting.”

In order to find suitable acts for the label, Gerry will be holding auditions at the Dominion Cinema in Edinburgh next month.


Although he wouldn’t reveal any more detail, the 55-year-old said that it would be the middle of the month and the panel would include professionals who have worked in the music industry for many years.

He said: “The door will be open – anyone can come and sing for us. But we do have an idea in our minds for what we want.

“Singer songwriters and cabaret performers would be perfect, but we are keeping an open mind.

“After the auditions we would have a chat about where the artist wants to go and make sure it matches up with our vision.

“And the experts would listen to more of their stuff and see if we can work with them.”

Instant Music is just one of three products that the entrepreneur launched yesterday (Tuesday).

Instant Car Insurance and Instant Bank were also introduced to the market, and tie in with the other products and services the company provides.

Customers have to join Instant World, the parent group, to be able to purchase or join any of the other products.

For £25 a year they can buy car insurance, get a loan or audition for the music label.


And Gerry hopes that his unique car insurance idea will attract people away from bigger names.

He said: “We have a very unique concept and it’s nothing like anything that is on the market at the moment.

“Hopefully it will change the way people buy their insurance and be able to compete with the big names.”

If a customer doesn’t claim on their insurance then they get their money back for that year.

But in order to do this the company will have to be selective with the people they insure.

Gerry said: “We’re not going to insure 19-year-old boys with GTI’s and more hits than Elvis. We have to be careful.

“But if we get the right people who drive the right cars and have two of three years no claim bonus then it will work.”

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