Wednesday, May 18, 2022
1Scots nation of forgetfulness except when it comes to cash

Scots nation of forgetfulness except when it comes to cash

By Paul Thornton

CANNY Scots are the most forgetful people in the UK – except when it comes to their cash, according to new figures.

A fifth of Scots cannot remember their age on the spot while 40 per cent often forget what they went into a shop for, compared to around a quarter elsewhere.

Overall, one in three Scots described themselves as having bad memories with Aberdeen the worst at 40 per cent.

But only 10 per cent of Scottish people have mislaid their wallets or purses, compared with a UK average of 15 per cent.

And only 15 per cent of Scottish people ever forget to put on their lottery numbers – compared to as much as a quarter in Northern Ireland.

Other important things are always remembered by Scots with 99 per cent never forgetting to pick their kids up from school.


However the study, by the National Lottery also showed that a fifth of people in Scotland forget where they parked, while in some areas over 40 per cent forget to drink tea while it is still hot.

A spokeswoman for the lottery said: “With the busy lives we lead today, it’s little wonder Scots get a bit forgetful.

“But Scots do seem to remember the important things like picking their kids up from school, where they put their wallet and buying their lottery ticket every week.”

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