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1Pub for sale comes with resident parrot

Pub for sale comes with resident parrot

Basil enjoys a pint with owner Alan
Basil enjoys a pint with owner Alan

By Cara Sulieman

THE NEW owner of a pub in East Lothian will get more than they bargained for when they pick up the keys – as the bar comes will a resident parrot.

Basil has lived in the Pheasant Hotel in Haddington for 28 years and has become a regular fixture next to the pool table.

But now his owner Alan Crawford is selling up and moving on, and doesn’t think that Basil will like the new quiet lifestyle he has planned.

So he’s hoping that whoever takes over at the bar will accept the bird as a part and parcel of the deal.

“Loves company”

Alan said: “I hope that whoever buys the place will keep him here, as he’s become something of an attraction.

“Before the smoking ban came in I did take him home as I thought the smoke might affect his health.

“But he loves company and couldn’t settle, so I brought him back.

“I will be spending an increasing amount of time at my second home in Spain, so if the new owner of The Pheasant doesn’t want him, I will give him away to a good home.”

Doesn’t swear

Basil’s cheeky messages and whistles led to the regulars naming him after TV’s Basil Fawlty – although he isn’t allowed to swear.

Alan said: “Whoever gets ‘Basil’ will be getting a great pet. He doesn’t swear – I don’t allow swearing in my pub – although he does like to wolf-whistle.

“He’s got quite a big vocabulary, but I still don’t know what sex he or she really is.

“I suspect he’s really a she, as he talks nearly all the time.”


And the run down boozer has had a lot of interest from developers and potential landlords.

Alan has owned the bar since 1977 and it has been a popular drinking hole despite the work that needs done.

A three story building, the top two aren’t used as they are falling apart and need renovated.

The estate agents selling the pub think that it is likely to be bought by a developer – leaving poor Basil’s future hanging in the balance.

A Christie and Co spokesman said: “This is an excellent opportunity for someone looking to redevelop this site possibly for mixed-use development.”

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