Susan Boyle to buy council house and get own statue


By Rory Reynolds

SUPERSTAR singer Susan Boyle is to buy the council house she has lived in since she was a baby.

The Blackburn-born singer met with council officials about taking the first step onto the property ladder – despite now living in a posh apartment in West London.

Her brother Gerry, 55, revealed in an interview over the weekend that she would spend the first of her new found fortune on the modest semi-detached house where she has lived all her life.

He said: “Susan walked into the local council office and told them that although she was living in London, she didn’t want them to rent her house to anyone else.

“I think people were a bit shocked to see her, but they told her they had no plans to let it go to anyone else – and now she wants to buy it she will never forget her roots.”

But that’s not the only improvement on Susan’s list – she went on a massive shopping spree in London, bought an entirely new wardrobe and even had her teeth whitened like pal Simon Cowell.

Gerry, who has just launched a music label, said: “She has been given a mobile for the first time but she can only make calls – she hasn’t got her head round texting yet.”

Gerry also told how Simon Cowell looked him in the eye and said: “Your sister is wonderful and she could be the biggest star I’ve ever found.”

“If she doesn’t want to go forward from Britain’s Got Talent, I will walk away right now.

“But if she does, I promise to wrap her in cotton wool and make her a star.”

Simon Cowell even had her beloved cat, Pebbles, flown from West Lothian to West London to help Susan settle in.

Meanwhile Susan’s international appeal shows no sign of abating, after a surprise appearance on prime-time US television with her hero Elaine Page.

Her interview on The Today Show attracted so many viewers that President Obama had to delay a TV address for fear that viewing figures would be too low.

Speaking about the appearance on the Today Show, Susan told Gerry: “It was fantastic to be on TV with Elaine.

“When I watched the interview back I felt like a megastar for the first time – I can’t believe how much my life has changed in the past few weeks, I’m so happy.”

And the Britain’s Got Talent star has got reason to be – she looks set to be immortalised in stone, as talks are due to start over erecting a statue of the singer in her home town.

The tribute to the singing sensation who has achieved international fame overnight would cost at least £30,000.

Sculptor Tom Church, whose statue of William Wallace can be seen in Stirling, is keen to handle the project.

He said: “Susan is Scotland’s wee Braveheart and I would love to set her in stone.

“I have in mind her face being part of a large, high-quality sandstone globe of planet Earth, rather than a life-sized statue.

“It would be in the guise that we all know and love – with her wild hair rather than her makeover look.”

West Lothian Council confirmed that they are looking to meet with Susan, who is currently working on an album with Simon Cowell.

A spokesman said: “Our provost Tom Kerr is keen to sit down with Susan and discuss ways to recognise her achievement.

“Certainly the council would like to recognise her in some way in Blackburn as the interest shows no sign of stopping.

“I have just had a Japanese TV crew asking if it was possible to film in the town.”

Visit Scotland manager Alison Robb added: “If the council thinks a statue will attract visitors then that can never be a bad thing.”