Tuesday, August 9, 2022
1Underage drinkers targetted in new police operation

Underage drinkers targetted in new police operation

By Alexander Lawrie

A GANG of underage youths caught drinking by police have been frog-marched back home to face their parent’s wrath.

Cops launched Operation Laser last weekend and apprehended the 14 youngsters in Falkland, Fife, after they were found in a park with five litres of alcohol.

One of the boys was just 14 years old.

In total, the operation saw Fife Police seized over 90 litres of booze with 61 people reported for a variety of crimes including vandalism, breach of the peace and drinking in public.

Officers also searched 47 people for weapons, drugs and alcohol during the successful operation.

Communities encouraged to get involved

Andrew Barker, Assistant Chief Constable at Fife Police, said: “Once again, the public across Fife have made it known to officers that they are pleased to see such a highly visible and accessible policing service being delivered within their communities.

“The Falkland case at the weekend highlights that young people continue to gain access to alcohol which can then lead to them either committing crime or placing themselves in a vulnerable position to become a victim of crime. 

“Officers carried out checks at 85 licensed premises across the weekend as part of our commitment to tackling alcohol misuse where we work closely with licensees across the force area.

“I would encourage communities to continue to engage effectively with us through the sharing of information that allows us to formulate an intelligence picture of problems impacting upon their quality of life.”

Operation Laser, which includes 68 additional officers on the streets of Fife, is to continue until next month when the results will be evaluated.

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