Edinburgh Airport emergency services scrambled


By Oliver Farrimond

A FULL-SCALE emergency was declared at Edinburgh Airport last night as an inbound Flybe flight reported problems with its hydraulic system.

Emergency services were scrambled just after 5.30pm last night after the flight from Bergerac, France sounded the alarm.

The flight, which had 54 people on board, was scheduled to land at 5.20pm but had to delay landing.

The craft was forced to circle overhead for more than 20 minutes before landing safely, with passengers disembarking shortly after.

A spokesperson for Lothian and Borders Fire Service said: “We were scrambled just after 5.30pm for a full emergency.

“However we received a notice that the situation had been resolved and that we would not be needed on the runway.”

A spokesperson for BAA said that the plane was given a full safety check after landing as a precautionary measure.