Beware the “killer” curry with a contract


By Michael MacLeod

A CURRY so hot it comes with a death disclaimer has been unleashed by a Scots restaurant.

The Kismot Killer dish makes vindaloo taste like “a piece of cake” according to its creators.

The spicy meal is bidding for a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s hottest curry.

Anyone willing to try it must sign a medical disclaimer before it even passes their lips.

Even the family behind Edinburgh’s run Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant, Kismot, are too scared to eat it.

Anyone brave enough to finish the curry on their own will receive the dish for free and will be awarded a certificate of completion, as well as having their photograph placed in the restaurant’s hall of fame.

But to date, nobody has managed the feat.

Manager Akbar Ali, 30, said: “It’s far too hot. Most people know a vindaloo as being one of the hottest curries ever but that’s a piece of cake compared to this.

“A vindaloo tastes like a chocolate eclair compared to The Kismot Killer.

“When you eat it you find sweat glands where you have never had them, like at the back of your ears. When one of my friends tried it his ears started going red instantly.

“To look at, the curry is bloody red and brown – it looks monstrous. Looking at it puts most people off.

“My mum has to leave the kitchen when my dad is cooking because of the potency of the chillies.”

The dish is packed with a selection of the world’s hottest peppers and chillies, containing an undisclosed amount of naga – officially the world’s hottest pepper in the Guinness Book of Records – followed by seriously hot chillies from Africa and South Asia.

Mr Ali said the family decided to take legal advice from a solicitor before placing the dish on the menu, and were advised to produce a disclaimer which customers must sign before tasting the curry.

Part of the disclaimer states: “Kismot restaurant will take no responsibility for your bodily functions after you eat the curry.

“If you die whilst eating or as a direct result of eating the curry, members of the table will share the cost of your Kismot Killer.

“If you become ill due to the Kismot Killer or if you find that you are experiencing any problems with your liver, then under no circumstances are you entitled to blame Kismot restaurant or any of its staff.

“For your own wellbeing we highly recommend that you immediately put your toilet roll in the freezer when you get home.”

The Ali family decided to make the dish after trying curries in London and Newcastle while on holiday last month.

Mr Ali said: “One of the restaurant owners joked that us Scottish lads had no idea about hot curry.

“It was almost like, “how dare you insult Scotland,” so when we got home my dad rustled up a big spicy curry.”