Jack Nicklaus fiver note sells way over par- Consumer News Scotland


By Michael MacLeod

Nicklaus fiver-Consumer News Scotland
Jack Nicklaus

A CANNY pensioner is cashing in on rare £5 notes featuring golfing legend Jack Nicklaus – for £40 each.

The Royal Bank of Scotland fivers were issued by then boss Sir Fred Goodwin to commemorate the final appearance of the American golfer – known as the Golden Bear – at the 2005 Open.

They feature the legend’s own logo, as well as two drawings of him in his victorious British Open winning round, along with his scorecard.

And one of the golfing great’s fellow pensioners is hoping to cash in on their rocketing value.

Mary Pritchard hopes to pay for her husband’s 80th birthday party by selling four of the notes for £100 – five times face value.

The forward-thinking pensioner picked up 100 individual Nicklaus notes when they were released.

Now Mary, 73, from Nairn, has placed an ad in her local paper offering the crisp notes to the winning bidder.

She told a weekend interview: “I thought now is the time to sell.

“I’ve decided to sell them in small lots so people can afford them.

“The notes are absolutely pristine.”

Her plan is to use the cash to take husband Ray to his home town of Abergavenny in Wales for his 80th birthday bash in October.

One website is flogging mint condition notes for £39.99 each. Others are for sale on eBay for £12.99 each.

RBS have issued their own notes since 1727 and Nicklaus is only the third living person to be honoured this way, after the Queen and the Queen Mother.