Saturday, May 28, 2022
1Mums queue for back to school sparkle

Mums queue for back to school sparkle

Biju prepares to treat a patient
Biju prepares to treat a patient

By Cara Sulieman

DESPERATE mums are queuing up to have their teeth whitened before the school term starts – so that they can look their best in the back-to-school pictures.

One dentist in Edinburgh has claimed that he has had women rushing to his surgery for veneers and teeth whitening.

And he reckons the demand is down to the proud mum’s hoping that their smile sparkles when they pose up with their children.

Dr Biju Krishnan said his surgery has seen four times the number of women coming in to get their teeth down and has been booked solid for the past month as a result.

“Look their best”

He said: “We have been overwhelmed in recent weeks by the number of mums looking to improve their smile before schools start back this week.

“A photograph of this event is definitely one of the most important mementos in any parent’s life. Mums in particular now more than ever want to look their very best in the pictures of this special occasion.

“In the last month we have noticed the demand for veneers and teeth whitening treatments in particular increase by 300%.

“Normally we have around five bookings a month for our whitening service, but in the past four weeks it has risen to around 15. The demand veneers has also shot up – from roughly two cases a month to 10.”

First day at school

The rise intrigued the dentist, who started asking the women why they had chosen to brighten their smile.

He added: “After carrying out a handful of the extra treatments I started to notice a pattern forming, and on speaking to the women coming in for the services I quickly realised it was in anticipation of their child’s first day at school.

“A good smile can make or break a picture.”

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