Saturday, May 21, 2022
1Fred Goodwin celebrates his birthday

Fred Goodwin celebrates his birthday


By Paul Thornton

FRED the Shred missed the opportunity to blow out the candles and wish for global economic recovery when an iced birthday cake was delivered to his mansion house in Edinburgh today (Monday).

There was no sign of the shamed banker, who turned 51, when the sweet treat was offered at his home.

Even the gardener at his Edinburgh pile said he had “not have a clue” where the birthday boy was.

And he didn’t volunteer whether or not he had bothered to send his boss a greetings card, with no sign of any propped up on the window ledge either.

Just in case he returns

Despite the best efforts to hand him the colourful cake following his much publicised weekend return home, it was impossible to tell whether Goodwin was at home blowing up balloons or out celebrating with, well, anyone.

With his wife and kids still in Cannes, there was no sign of life at the sandstone house in the posh Grange area.

The ex-banker had earlier been pictured both arriving at the house on Saturday morning, and leaving to get the paper early on Sunday morning.

His return to Edinburgh marks the end of a five month long exile by the ex-RBS chief and his family who fled after attention surrounding Goodwin’s £703,000 a year pension eventually drove them out of their home.

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