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1Japanese film crew looking for Susan Boyle fans

Japanese film crew looking for Susan Boyle fans

Susan Boyle

By Cara Sulieman

A JAPANESE film crew are searching for Susan Boyle fans to join them in her home town to celebrate her rise to stardom.

The team – who are travelling from Tokyo for the project – are planning a programme all about Boyle-mania.

American Leslie McMillan is already signed up to show the group around Boyle related landmarks like the Happy Valley Hotel in West Lothian.

She spent two weeks in Blackburn earlier this year with her husband Del, visiting Susan’s old haunts.


And now she is returning to the town with her sister to take part in the documentary.

The show is being made for Tokyo News Remix on NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) and will only be broadcast in Japan.

Yoshiko Uno-Flukes, the companies UK production co-ordinator and researcher, said that they want devoted fans to help them discover Susan’s hometown.

She added: “In our first episode we are showing a story about the Susan Boyle phenomenon and coming to film in Blackburn on September 4.

“We are visiting Susan Boyle spots with two big American Susan Boyle fans and are looking for more people to join the tour for filming.

“It would be amazing if people could wear Susan T-shirts or badges, or anything that would show their support for Susan.”

Happy Valley Hotel

They will be meeting at 11am at the Mill Centre on Friday September 4 and expect to film at Susan’s house, the Mill Centre and the Happy Valley Hotel.

Fans who want to take part should email [email protected] for details.

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