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1Pants-sniffer jailed over “sordid” event

Pants-sniffer jailed over “sordid” event

Karim Bourouba
Karim Bourouba

By Cara Sulieman

A GUN toting drunk who demanded a teenage girl’s pants so he could sniff them has been jailed for a year.

Karim Bourouba, 29, subjected the 16-year-old girl to the terrifying ordeal after downing two bottles of champagne and half a bottle of vodka before stumbling upon the girl and her 19-year-old boyfriend as they camped at an Edinburgh beauty spot.

The terrified pair handed over the girl’s pants to Bourouba – who was wielding an imitation handgun he had bought from the internet – before watching as he sniffed them.

Bourouba – who had spent the day drinking at a work party – then forced the couple on a walk around Edinburgh hunting for cigarettes.

Raided his home

After they managed to separate from him they reported the incident to police who raided Bourouba’s home and found the fake gun.

Video games enthusiast Bourouba claims he bought the imitation weapon because of an obsession with the popular game Metal Gear Solid.

But today (Friday) at Edinburgh Sheriff Court he was jailed for 12 months after a jury had found him guilty of a breach of the peace as well as firearms offences.

The jury found him guilty of placing the pair in a state of fear and alarm during the May 22 incident last year.


They also found him guilty by majority of possession of a firearm but cleared him of a charge of assault and armed robbery.

Bourouba – from Edinburgh – was also placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years for what Sheriff Deirdre MacNeill described as “a bizarre and sordid event”.

His solicitor Richard Goddard said the IT worker had managed to keep his job despite the conviction and asked that his client was not jailed.

Mr Goddard said: “He’s a hard working young man who has achieved well for himself through his hard work and endeavour over a number of years.”

“Bizarre event”

But Sheriff MacNeill said the “sordid” behaviour was deserving of custody.

She said: “I have given considerable thought to the imposition of a sentence in this case. I regard the breach of the peace in charge two as deserving of a custodial sentence.

“It was a bizarre event and it was also particularly sordid.”

As the sentence was read out, the victim collapsed with relief and was hugged by her friends who had come along to support her.

“Huge relief”

After the sentencing, the girl – who cannot be named – said: “I didn’t think he was going to get the jail. When she said 12 months I just couldn’t believe it.

“It is a huge relief he will not be able to do it to anyone else.

“At the time it had a devastating effect on my life, this helps me to put it behind me and move on.”

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