Knife thug teen PlayStation jibe on way to jail


By Michael MacLeod

A BABY-faced thug who kicked a man in the head as he lay helplessly on the ground shouted “at least I’ve still got my PlayStation” as he was led to jail yesterday.

Lewis Gosman, 17, attacked George Grant in a Morrison’s supermarket in the Gilmerton area of Edinburgh area on June 14 last year.

Gosman and a friend, who was later cleared, were arguing with the 51-year-old when his co-accused swung a shopping basket at Mr Grant, who fell over.

But thug Gosman then kicked his victim in the head as he lay on the ground.

A jury found Gosman guilty of kicking his victim in the head to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

Today (Wednesday) his defence agent Steven Mannifield said Gosman was now enrolled on an anger management course at Polmont Young Offender’s Institute where he is currently serving a sentence for another brutal assault.

Mr Mannifield said: “This assault was a single kick to the head, which he says was an impulse.

“It came before the High Court matter for which he will not be liberated until March 2011.

“He has recognised the impact his actions have had on the people involved and their families in each case and has asked me to apologise to them.

“He has enrolled in an anger management course which will benefit him in the future and he shows no self-pity.

“In fact, in my dealings with him he has struck me as a pleasant and intelligent young man who is actually quite shy.”

But jailing Gosman for two years consecutive to his existing five year term, Sheriff Nigel Morrison said: “I have had regard to what has been said on your behalf.

“However this was a serious assault for which you should still serve detention.”

Gosman shook his head and turned to friends in the court room’s public gallery, who shouted “chin up” as he was led away.

A laughing Gosman replied: “At least I’ve still got my Playstation.”

Thug Gosman was already serving five years for a savage knife attack when he tried to murder dad of five Allan Saunders in an equally bloody assault a year earlier.

His knife frenzy on Mr Saunders, 26, last September left the dad-of-five needing 92 surgical staples in his head, stomach and legs.

He had previously denied the attempted murder of Mr Saunders but was found guilty in February of assault to severe injury and to the danger of his victim’s life.

Polmont was just one of a number of institutions criticised last year when it was revealed bosses had spent £8000 there on games consoles including PlayStations, Nintendo Wiis and Xboxes.