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1TV FESTIVAL SPECIAL: Davina McCall wants to go into last BB house

TV FESTIVAL SPECIAL: Davina McCall wants to go into last BB house

Christopher Biggins (left) and Davina McCall (right)
Christopher Biggins (left) and Davina McCall (right)

By Rory Reynolds

the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival

DAVINA McCall has revealed she wants to enter the Big Brother house as a contestant for the last series, after it was announced the hit reality show is to be axed.

And the presenter reckons she’ll go out with a bang – by streaking through the house naked.

The 41-year-old – who cried when she heard the programme is to be dropped – says she wants to join the other housemates for the final series next year.

But she’s going to have to convince hubby Matthew – who says he’ll miss her too much.


She said: “I said to my husband if next year is the last one – I’m going in.

“But he doesn’t want me to go in, he says he’ll miss me to much – we’ll have to see.”Speaking at a debate on the effects of reality TV on contestants at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Davina said she is still shocked that the hit series is to finish after 11 years.

She said: “I thought it would go on forever – I seriously thought the show would run forever.

“I’ll be grieving when it goes – I’m trying to stay chipper but I’ll miss it.

“We’ll definitely go out with a bang – I certainly will be quite naughty.”

Lifetime supply of pants

She laughed: “I might streak through the house.”

Davina was joined at the festival by former reality TV stars Raef Bjayou from The Apprentice, Steve Brookstein from the X-Factor, Anna Nolan from the first Big Brother and Christopher Biggins from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Biggins revealed that he received a lifetime supply of pants from Marks & Spencer after proudly displaying his undies on the hit reality show.

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