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1Jordan has been dumped

Jordan has been dumped

By Cara Sulieman

GLAMOUR model Jordan has been dumped – by fed up readers.

Jordan – real name Katie Price – publicly split with husband Peter Andre in May.

But while he’s riding high in the music charts she has topped the list of the most discarded books at Scots hotels.

The third installment of her life, Pushed to the Limit, is one of more than 7000 discarded books found in Travelodges across Scotland.

Dear Fatty

In surprise second is the much talked about autobiography of President Barack Obama, Dreams from My Father, which was first published in 1995 before Obama’s political career started.

Dawn French’s book Dear Fatty was third in the poll, carried out across the chain’s Travelodges in Scotland.

The survey also revealed a few surprising one-offs including a bag of Mills and Boon books left behind by a businessman in their Edinburgh Haymarket hotel.

And customers in Perth and Inverness were the most adventurous, with many copies of the Karma Sutra abandoned in the room.

Another blow

The Harry Potter spin-off Tales of the Beadle Bard by J.K. Rowling also made the top 10, coming in just behind Dawn French.

Gaining number one on this list is yet another blow for Jordan who has been directly in the spotlight since her split with Peter.

The couple had been married for four years after meeting on I’m A Celebrity in 2004 and had two kids together.

But their fairytale wedding ended in tears earlier this year and Jordan has been seen out partying with her new beau Alex Reid, a cage fighter.

Peter has since said that he doesn’t want to date a celebrity again.

Mills and Boon

Greg Dawson, a spokesman for the hotel chain, said that the type of books left behind reflected the different regions of the UK.

He said: “Over 7,200 books have been left behind in our hotels over the last 12 months.

“As well as the famous names in our top ten, an influx of Mills and Boon titles have flooded our index as have English language phrase books due to many Europeans holidaying with us this year.

“The findings of our index often offer a good reflection of travellers’ habits in certain areas of the country.

“The credit crunching books are most often found in the financial centres of the country whilst the literature of love is aplenty in Nottingham.”

Berwick upon Tweed

As well as the English phrase books dumped at hotel’s in Aberdeen, Dumfries and Dunfermline, visitors to Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen discarded Scottish phrase books at the end of their stay.

The biggest readers of Jordan appear to have stayed in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow – who saw more copies of her autobiography dumped than other branches.

And Harry Potter didn’t go down well with customers in Berwick upon Tweed, with a total of 20 tomes left in their rooms.

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