Wednesday, August 17, 2022
1Licensing laws end 18-year tradition

Licensing laws end 18-year tradition

Peter Swanson behind his bar in Edinburgh
Peter Swanson behind his bar in Edinburgh

By Cara Sulieman

AN EIGHTEEN year tradition is coming to and end as new licensing laws brought in today (Tues) mean stricter rules.

The bar has opened its doors at 6am every morning for shirt workers looking to enjoy a pint after work, but the new legislation means that it can’t be open for more than 16 hours a day.

It has left Peter Swanson, owner of The Gladstones, in Edinburgh with the choice of opening early or staying open later at night.

“Out of business”

He said: “I felt like I had to keep the pub open at night instead of in the mornings. I had to make the decision; even though money-wise it would probably be more beneficial for me to open at 6am.

“I can’t believe in a civilised country that the authorities are dictating how many hours a businessman can work.

“There new laws will push more people towards buying out of supermarkets. It’s going to put a lot of people out of business.”

The reduced opening hours mean that he has had to fire a barmaid and a cleaner as they are no longer needed.


He has put an appeal in to the council to open for 19 hours a day.

The Brunswick Bar in the city will also be changing their opening hours, from 6am to 7am due to the new rules.

Manager Jo Ross said: “This will definitely affect us although it’s difficult to say how much now.”

The new law will put an end to happy hours and off sales before 10am. They will also prevent supermarkets displaying alcohol throughout the store.

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